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Hotel Janoušek - Welcome !

     The hotel was built in 1995 on the northern outskirts of Prague near the newly formed Prague Exhibition Fairgrounds and shopping centers Tesco and Globus. Is situated in a quiet part of Prague 9 - Čakovice, about 25 minutes drive from the city center. There is a parking for cars and buses.
Hotel capacity is 32 double rooms, 8 single rooms and 6 suites a 6  (maximum capacity of the hotel including extra is up to 120 beds). In summer, the capacity often used for recreation. Each room has its own bathroom.

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      There is a restaurant and bar with 100 seats. Serve only to hotel guests eating. It can be used to ensure the holding of banquets, seminars, business meetings, banquets and svateb. Hotel restaurant with a bar capacity of 100 seats restaurant: The restaurant serves only food for hotel guests. The price includes breakfast, which is served in the restaurant at the time of between 7-10 hours daily traffic is then arranged according to individual orders. The restaurant will be happy to arrange for corporate and private events, business meetings, banquets, seminars, banquets and weddings, celebrations of all kinds. The drop menu is a large selection of Czech cuisine and a wide range of drinks.

We look forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant stay!

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